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At True Cleaning, we realize that people want value for their investment so that’s why we back up our promises with proven procedures that offers consistent results. 

True Cleaning Solutions follows the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) standards by cleaning the entire HVAC system. On this page is just some of the important steps involved in having your HVAC system cleaned the right way.

Please take these steps into consideration when comparing our services to other “duct cleaners” at True Cleaning air systems cleaning is all we do, we focus on one service and as a result of this we can offer you unparalleled quality, dedication and service. 

The $79.99 hole house duct cleaning specials you see will undoubtedly cost you more once the work begins. Its tough to dedicate a truck and a crew to a home all day for $79.99! There are very few companies that do things the way True Cleaning Solutions does. If you want your HVAC system REALLY CLEAN then you should consider consulting with us. 

True Cleaning  only uses skilled, certified and highly trained employees NO sub-contractors! We never use bait and switch advertising, the price we quote you is THE price to have it done correctly! We feel that too many companies these days do not take accountability for their work we are proud to guarantee our services.

Dont trust your expensive hvac equipment to an untrained and un certified technician. 

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Arrival , Customer Briefing and Setup

We arrive at your home with our fully equipped truck. We will need setup space in your driveway.

Technicians will perform a walk through with you to address any questions or concerns. After that is complete they will protect your floors with drop cloths and continue our setup.

A large HEPA filtered vacuum is brought into the home to connect up where the furnace is located, this provides the high powered suction (negative air) need to capture dirt and debris during the cleaning process. 




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Removal of Vent Covers

Technicians will remove your supply and cold air return registers for cleaning. Washing and sanitizing will normally take place outside (weather permitting). The vent opening will then be covered to control dust during the cleaning process.

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Create Access

Technicians will create an 8″ access hole in your supply main line and in your return main line for the vacuum hose to attach. Each access will be covered with a leak proof patch after the duct cleaning is complete.

Disassemble Furnace for Cleaning

Technician Will remove your furnace fan for cleaning and sanitizing. The fan and fan compartment will be cleaned. This is a very important step in cleaning THE ENTIRE SYSTEM not just the ducts.

The fan delivers the breathable air into the home, this is a critical component to be addressed during cleaning. 

Cleaning of the fan components is necessary to eliminate air borne particulate.

Coil Cleaning

True Cleaning will vacuum the coils incoming (if accessible) and outgoing sides of the coil with a soft brush. If further attention is needed we will apply a neutral ph, water based cleaning agent and rinse with hot water. This flushes debris from the coil and drain pan. 

Cleaning of the air conditioning coils can even help lower your energy costs as a dirty coil can restrict your airflow and make your system work harder. The coils and coil drain pan is an ideal breeding place for mold and bacteria having this area cleaned is an important step in having the ENTIRE SYSTEM cleaned. Many indoor air quality problems start with dirty coils and humidifiers.


Cleaning of the Duct System

The air conditioning coil will be protected as to not draw dirt through it and some of the vent openings may be covered as well.

We start our power vacuum and let the cleaning begin. Technicians will insert a compressed air powered cleaning tool to agitate and push/pull the debris towards the vacuum hose where it will be taken and stored in our power vacuum. True Cleaning will visually inspect the runs to be sure that they are ” visibly clean”.


Technicians will clean all of your vent runs and then proceed to the basement where we repeat the process for you main trunk lines. To gain access where needed we may create a 1″ hole in various places in the main lines to insert our cleaning tools. These access holes will be plugged with a plastic leak proof plug designed for this purpose.

Completing the Job

After the duct system, furnace, a coils and registers get cleaned True Cleaning  will begin to replace the registers, reassemble the furnace and run check it, patch and plug all access holes, vacuum around the vent covers and walkways. Our goal is to return your home cleaner than before we arrived.

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